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United Travel is helping make your dreams a reality with Fly Buys; every time you purchase travel you can also indulge in a little dream about something special. Maybe it's a new gadget for the kitchen or lounge, maybe it's a massage, or even a trip overseas. Whatever it is, just by doing your everyday shopping, you're bringing it a little closer to being a reality. 

How does it work?

Each time you purchase travel at a United Travel store, you’ll collect 1 Fly Buys Point for every $50 you spend.* Plus watch this space to find out about our Bonus Points offers – to help you get closer to your dream reward!


Fly Buys is free to join!

And it's easy. Just sign up using the link at the bottom of this page and Fly Buys will send you your free Fly Buys card within 14 days - plus supplementary cards for others at your place. It's best to get everyone at your house collecting points! As soon as you receive your card, put it in your purse or wallet, and present it when you shop at any of the Fly Buys participating companies including United Travel. You don't need to spend any extra to collect Fly Buys Points. It's all about where you shop, not how much you spend.


*Terms and Conditions
Fly Buys standard terms and conditions apply and can be viewed at Fly Buys points cannot be split between members and will only be processed on to one Fly Buys card. Additional terms and conditions apply and can be viewed at