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  • Australia Hotels

    Australia Hotels

    Australia, just across the Tasman, is a country well all hate to love. Whether you are looking for a fantastic honeymoon, a family holiday or a quick escape overseas, you'll find something you love in Australia. From the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there’s a holiday package for you.

  • UK & Europe Hotels

    UK & Europe Hotels

    Take a trip across to the other side of the world; there are so many sights and experiences to see and do in the UK & Europe. Travel around England and visit Buckingham Palace, or travel through Europe visiting beautiful cities from Paris to Venice and more!

  • North America Hotels

    North America Hotels

    North America is a country that will amaze you. Whether you want to head to the bustling cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park; North America has something for everyone!

  • Asia Hotels

    Asia Hotels

    Thoughts of Asia inspire images of crystal blue sea, soaring temples and extremely busy cities. It’s a land of extreme contrasts, where modern technology mixes with ancient traditions. Asia’s attractions include cultural treasures, futuristic architecture, beautiful forests and sea coasts, which combined, make for a remarkable time away.

  • South Pacific Hotels

    South Pacific Hotels

    The South Pacific offers you a holiday of a life time. So many Islands to explore, so little time! Journey to lagoons of breathtaking clarity with waters teeming with rainbows of tropical marine life. Take a break and head to the South Pacific!

  • Sports and Events Hotels

    Sports and Events Hotels

    United Travel brings you a massive range of Sports and Events packages all over the world! Whether it's the V8s in the Gold Coast to stage shows in Melbourne, we have it all covered!