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Asia Tours

  • APT Asia Tours

    APT Asia Tours

    This is quite possibly the most leisurely and convenient way to travel. Enjoy exploring Asia with APT.

  • China Tours

    China Tours

    China kept itself to itself for thousands of years, and foreigners still find it difficult to penetrate the inner depths of this fascinating and enigmatic country. Since the country hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics though, there has been a major increase in travellers wanting to explore the exotic destination.

  • Contiki Asia Tours

    Contiki Asia Tours

    Contiki’s local knowhow and experience in Asia means you’ll have an exclusive backstage pass to this magical part of the world. Contiki makes sure you escape the tourist traps to eat with the locals, you’ll skip the lines for direct access to Asia’s most popular attractions, they make sure you ditch the backpacker hostels for hotel accommodation or authentic overnights like a Chinese Junk Boat and the experience is all the more sweeter by sharing it with your new likeminded travel mates.

  • Japan Tours

    Japan Tours

    It is only comparatively recently that Japan came out of the shell of its isolation, but the country of pink cherry blossoms and genteel geisha girls has made up for lost time. There are few people in the western world who have not driven a Japanese car, eaten sushi or played on a Nintendo or Sony game console.

  • Malaysia Tours

    Malaysia Tours

    "Selamat Datang" is the traditional Malaysian greeting that welcomes visitors to this vibrant and exotic country. Ethnically diverse cultures share the same lush landscape and create a fusion of cultural styles, cooking and religions that is distinctly Malaysian. Festivals throughout the year mark the Malay, Chinese and Indian holidays, as well as those of the indigenous Orang Asli and the tribes of Sabah and Sarawak.

  • Mongolia Tours

    Mongolia Tours

    Mongolia is an unlikely tourist destination but one that proves irresistible to lovers of wide-open spaces, untamed wilderness and raw natural beauty. Outside of the capital Ulaanbaatar, where over half the population lives, visitors encounter a land blissfully unaffected by the modern world. It is a journey back in time where nomadic lifestyles are perfectly in tune with the natural rhythms of the landscape, and the people are renowned for their warmth and hospitality.

  • Thailand Tours

    Thailand Tours

    From idyllic, unspoilt beaches with turquoise seas and pure, white sands to bustling cities sporting exotic markets and a vibrant, colourful nightlife, it is easy to see why Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for the adventurous and young at heart.

  • Travelmarvel Asia Tours

    Travelmarvel Asia Tours

    Discover the vibrant destination of Asia with Travelmarvel. Embrace the local life as you learn about the history and culture. Explore the bustling cities, taste local flavours and be immersed in ancient temples and spiritual hubs.

  • Vietnam Tours

    Vietnam Tours

    There are plenty of reasons to visit Vietnam. From the beautiful landscape, to the wonderful cuisines, you can always find something to amaze you here.

    The natural beauty of Vietnam is amazing, for example Halong Bay is full of over 1500 islands that create a wonderful natural seascape, perfect for exploring by boat. The Vietnamese people are known for being extremely friendly and no matter if they speak your language, they will always greet you with a smile.

    Vietnam is very affordable...