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North America Tours

  • America Tours

    America Tours

    The country is made up of 48 neighbouring states of the continental USA, plus the huge state of Alaska, northwest of Canada, and the volcanic islands of Hawaii. Tourism is focused mainly in the great cities such as New York and Washington, as well as sunshine states such as California, Florida and Hawaii where millions of tourists congregate each year to enjoy the fine beaches, natural wonders and man-made attractions.

  • Canada Tours

    Canada Tours

    The vast nation of Canada, second largest country in the world, offers a range of experiences for visitors that are as wide as the land itself. From its large cosmopolitan cities to its frozen northern tundra; its snowy mountain peaks to its rugged coastlines; and its rich farmlands to its pioneering outposts, Canada offers something to suit the taste of every traveller.

  • Chicago Tours

    Chicago Tours

    Chicago is the major metropolis of America’s heartland, with three million people hustling and bustling in the city of skyscrapers that appears to rise straight out of the waters of Lake Michigan, in northern Illinois. Once a gangster’s hang-out synonymous with infamous names such as Al Capone and Bonny and Clyde, the ‘windy city’ today has a squeaky-clean reputation as an international business and commercial capital boasting an eclectic mix of architecture, world-class theatre, art exhibitions, and super-enthusiastic sportsmanship.

  • Contiki USA/Canada Tours

    Contiki USA/Canada Tours

    Travelling the USA and Canada with Contiki isn’t about ticking the boxes but those eye-opening moments in travel that stay with you for a lifetime. That’s why Contiki offers you a backstage pass so all the legendary experiences like Golden Gate Bridge, the top of the Empire state building, cruising Las Vegas Strip in a limo and viewing San Fran on a catamaran cruise are all included. Plus their awesome team makes sure you sleep, eat and experience all the best places in the USA and Canada that only a local would know.

  • Hawai'i Tours

    Hawai'i Tours

    If you enjoy nature and the tropical paradise of earth, Hawai'i is the perfect place for you. The different islands provide an opportunity to modify your experience to your wants. Hawai'i provides great methods of exploring the wonderful landscape like horseback, ATV, and air tours. Water activities are also very popular in Hawai'i. From snorkel dives, and tours to humpback whale watching and swimming with wild dolphins.

    In Hawai'i, you can witness constant volcano eruptions, for example Kilauea, which has been in constant eruption since 1983. Experience the unique culture of the natives, with the traditional underground oven feast, or hula with the girls at a luau.

    Hawai'i also provides a great nightlife with a variety of shows, live music and partying. You can find everything from luau shows, to reggae and rock music here, and maybe a bar in an abandoned building. One of the best things to do in Hawaii, although it may seem to be a cliché, is relax on a hammock with a cocktail on the beach, there is really no better place to do this in the world.

  • Las Vegas Tours

    Las Vegas Tours

    Las Vegas; some say a city that never sleeps, some say a city full of chances and luck. Known as 'The Strip', the main road in Las Vegas is bright and full of life with casinos and hotels. There is always something going on in Las Vegas. Visit now to see for yourself!

  • Los Angeles Tours

    Los Angeles Tours

    Millions of visitors arrive each year in Los Angeles eager to experience for themselves the epitome of the American Dream; to find the self-indulgent living soap-opera lifestyles, to experience first-hand the images that are strangely familiar thanks to the 'big screen', and to walk in the footsteps of the stars.

  • New Orleans Tours

    New Orleans Tours

    New Orleans has plenty of serious sightseeing to offer. The city is full of picturesque historic buildings, lush parks, interesting museums displaying everything from voodoo culture to modern technology, riverboats and historic streetcars, and of course jazz cafes. But for now evidence of the calamity, as well as the city's determination to survive, take first place in any visitor's 'to do' list.

  • New York Tours

    New York Tours

    New York is the most vibrant city in the world, with bustling streets and its reputation for having world competitive food, diverse culture, and historic landmarks, you can never be bored here. Visit classic attractions like Central park, the empire state building, the statue of liberty, time square, and Yankee Stadium. The public transport in New York is one of the best in the world, so there are no problems getting around the city. The wide variety of people makes for an interesting mix of cultures, and that’s what makes New York so interesting. The different cultures provide ranging food options, and many new characters and things to learn. Shopping is also a massive attraction in New York, from high fashion to knock offs on the street, you can always find what you want. New York is labelled the city that never sleeps, because no matter what your looking for, you can find at all hours.

  • San Francisco Tours

    San Francisco Tours

    The most attractive of American cities and regularly voted the best city in the USA, San Francisco is adored because of its colourful history, dramatic setting and its laissez-faire atmosphere, a quality missing from synthetic Los Angeles.