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Africa Tours

  • Africa Tours

    Africa Tours

    You’ll love Africa for its vast horizons, bustling cities, wild game and smiling people. You can't compare anything else to Africa, its a magnificent country with heaps to experience! There’s a range of accommodation from camping, lodges and hotels, bungalows, or inns, all clean and hospitable

  • Egypt Tours

    Egypt Tours

    Egypt is synonymous with Pharaohs, the pyramids, temples and antiquities from ancient civilisations. At the centre of these great civilisations lies the River Nile with its essential influence on the economics, social life, politics and religion of the Egyptian nation. It is the oldest travel destination on earth: Greek and Roman travellers came in 430 BC to wonder at some of the very sights that make it a modern travel destination today.

  • Kenya Tours

    Kenya Tours

    Kenya is the 'Land of the Lion King' and sits at the centre of the African safari experience, with an outstanding variety of wild animals and Big Five viewing opportunities. Although safaris are its greatest attraction, it is a country of great diversity with much more to offer than splendid wildlife. Essentially it is a place for outdoor living - the coast offers beaches and water-based activities, the mountains present a challenge to hikers and climbers, and the rolling savannahs are a game-viewers paradise.

  • Madagascar Tours

    Madagascar Tours

    A land unlike any other, Madagascar is an enticing destination for those who find its lack of modern conveniences, tourist infrastructure and efficient transport system an interesting proposition rather than a problem. Despite its volatile political situation, Madagascar continues to draw adventurers from all over the globe.

  • Morocco Tours

    Morocco Tours

    Morocco is just a step away from Europe, across the narrow straits of Gibraltar, but it is a world away in culture and experience, brimming over with contrasts, colour and mystery. This is due partly to its geographical position, sited at the crossroads where the East meets the West, Africa shakes hands with Europe, and the Mediterranean merges with the Atlantic.

  • South Africa Tours

    South Africa Tours

    South Africa has been billed as 'a world in one country', and any visitor who has experienced its delights, from the jumble of Johannesburg, the city built on gold mines in the north, to the sophistication of Cape Town in the south, is bound to agree.