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  • UK & Europe Tours

    UK & Europe Tours

    Take a trip across to the other side of the world; there are so many sights and experiences to see and do in the UK & Europe. Travel around England and visit Buckingham Palace, or travel through Europe visiting beautiful cities from Paris to Venice and more!

  • North America Tours

    North America Tours

    North America is a country that will amaze you. Whether you want to head to the bustling cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park; North America has something for everyone!

  • Africa Tours

    Africa Tours

    You’ll love Africa for its vast horizons, bustling cities, wild game and smiling people. You can't compare anything else to Africa, its a magnificent country with heaps to experience! There’s a range of accommodation from camping, lodges and hotels, bungalows, or inns, all clean and hospitable

  • Asia Tours

    Asia Tours

    Thoughts of Asia inspire images of crystal blue sea, soaring temples and extremely busy cities. It’s a land of extreme contrasts, where modern technology mixes with ancient traditions. Asia’s attractions include cultural treasures, futuristic architecture, beautiful forests and sea coasts, which combined, make for a remarkable time away.

  • Central America Tours

    Central America Tours

    Where North meets South America, Central America is the gem in the middle. Vibrant and exciting are only a couple of words used to describe Central America. Journey through the Caribbean, see the world famous Panama Canal or just lay back and take it all in your way!

  • Latin America Tours

    Latin America Tours

    South America is home to some of the world’s most magnificent mountain ranges, tropical jungles and glacial highlands. Go to experience magnificent wonders like Machu Pichu. Adventure travellers will find much more to do and explore in this vast continent. Tour packages can be booked before you leave and are a great way to organise internal flights, itineraries and accommodation.

  • Middle East Tours

    Middle East Tours

    The Middle East is quite simply mind blowing and one of the world's most fascinating and rewarding travel destinations. It is the birthplace of the three monotheistic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and where many significant civilisations of antiquity rose and fell.

  • New Zealand Tours

    New Zealand Tours

    New Zealand, 'Land of the Long White Cloud', is a small country consisting of two major islands, North and South Island, and a scattering of smaller islands throughout. Despite its small size, New Zealand is crammed with magnificent natural beauty and has an incredible amount to offer; the only complaint travellers have is not having allowed enough time to explore! Fresh air, breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities are the main attractions of New Zealand.

  • Sports and Events Tours

    Sports and Events Tours

    United Travel brings you a massive range of Sports and Events packages all over the world! Whether it's the V8s in the Gold Coast to stage shows in Melbourne, we have it all covered!